We are celebrating the 8th edition of National Francophone Immigration Week from November 1 to 7—our first week in Clare as a welcoming Francophone community. This year's theme, “Ma couleur francophone,” promotes the diversity of cultures, ethnicities, histories and accents.

Francophone and Acadian communities have made Francophone immigration a national priority for their demographic and economic development needed to sustain the linguistic duality that defines Canada.

On behalf of Council for the Municipality of Clare, I would like to thank the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for entrusting our community with this promising three-year pilot project, in which $697,887 will be invested in Clare to promote the positive impact that French-speaking immigrants have on the Municipality of Clare.

National Francophone Immigration Week is a time for all Francophones to be proud of their thriving inclusive Francophone communities and to be involved in building an identity that is rich in its diversity.