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Coinciding with National Francophone Immigration Week, the Municipality of Clare and la Société acadienne de Clare are proud to announce the signature of an agreement with the Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that will promote the region as a welcoming Francophone community thanks to a three-year pilot project.

A partnership between the Municipality of Clare and la Société acadienne de Clare, the goal of Communauté francophone accueillante (CFA) de Clare is to help make the community of Clare more welcoming for all and to ensure that all members of the community (including employers, the host community, community leaders and local authorities) have a positive attitude towards newcomers, notably those who wish to settle in French.

“The Municipality of Clare remains focused on bringing growth and vibrancy to the community: we are investing in our public spaces, we are spearheading a housing strategy and we are investing in high-speed Internet in the area,” says Ronnie LeBlanc, Warden for the Municipality of Clare. “Our community is motivated to welcoming new faces to benefit from and to be part of this growth.”

Through activities and special services, CFA de Clare will aim to promote inclusive leadership, equitable access to reception and settlement services, economic and employment opportunities and community-based engagement. The IRCC will fund $697,887 for projects and activities in Clare for 2020–2023, the duration of the project.

“This project is designed to be driven by and for the community,” states Natalie Robichaud, Executive Director of la Société acadienne de Clare. “The more we share our stories with newcomers, the more we discover our commonalities, and the more we value the benefits of diversity.”

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About National Francophone Immigration Week
Organized by La Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA) du Canada, the eighth edition of National Francophone Immigration Week from November 1 to 7, 2020, represents the pride of flourishing in inclusive Francophone communities and of being involved in the construction of an identity rich in its diversity. Across the country, many activities will bring together Francophones, whatever their origins, and promote exchanges.

This year’s theme, Ma couleur francophone, will provide opportunities to open a dialogue on the reality of systemic racism, which many immigrants suffer and to learn about other cultures. For more information, visit