Acadian flag raising ceremony

On the morning of August 15, the Municipality of Clare held a flag-raising ceremony on the grounds of the municipal office in honour of Acadian Day.

Many thanks to MP Chris d’Entremont, MLA Ronnie LeBlanc, Warden Yvon LeBlanc, Council and staff, festival representatives, as well as residents of Clare for attending. Thank you to Claire Comeau and Patrice Boulianne for singing the Acadian national anthem Ave Maris Stella and to the dance troupe La Baie en Joie for performing. Thanks also to Clare Recreation for organizing the event.

On August 15, we celebrate Acadian culture and heritage and that despite all hardships and obstacles the Acadian identity is still here and thriving.

acadian day 2022 2Patrice Boulianne and Claire Comeau sing the Acadian national anthem Ave Maris Stella.acadian day 2022 3Left to right: MLA Ronnie LeBlanc, Councillor Philippe Gaudet, Councillor Nadine Comeau, Warden Yvon LeBlanc, Deputy Warden Eric Pothier, Councillor Brian Comeau and MP Chris d'Entremontacadian day 2022 4A performance by La Baie en Joieacadian day 2022 5Left to right: Glenda Doucet-Boudreau (honorary president of le Festival acadien de Clare 2022) and Nicole, Isabelle and Marc Boudreau, la famille Acadie 2022
acadian day 2022 6Évangéline and Gabriel, 2022: Zoe Deveau and Nicolas Gaudet