The Municipality of Clare has announced a balanced operating budget of $9,417,735 for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Once again, there is no increase to the residential tax rate of $1.04 per $100 of assessment or the commercial tax rate of $2.07 per $100 of assessment. The Municipality continues to invest in the community’s health, safety and heritage, as this year’s budget indicates.

The Clare Health Centre and the Municipality’s doctor recruitment strategy are two key essential public health services that continue to receive financial support from the Municipality of Clare. This year, $634,493 (or 7% of total tax dollars) will go towards the Municipality’s commitment to public health services in Clare.

The Municipality of Clare will contribute once more towards such protective services as the Security for Seniors program—a service that is highly valued in the community, as well as law enforcement, fire protection and building inspection services. A total of $2,413,653 (or 26% of total tax dollars) is slated for protective services in Clare.

Following a consultation process with the Municipality’s fire departments, this fiscal year also marks the start of a municipal strategy to replace aging fire trucks in Clare. In all, $350,000 (or 4% of total tax dollars) will go toward the purchase of a fire truck this year.

Ten local projects have been granted funding by the Municipality of Clare through its Grants to Organizations program. Each year, the program awards a total of $40,000 in financial assistance to individuals, organizations and groups in Clare that contribute to the community’s recreational, cultural and tourism sectors.

The Municipality will also help fund several local projects aimed to preserve the heritage of the region and to promote community development. Furthermore, the Municipality will continue to support such signature events as Festival acadien de Clare and Gran Fondo Sainte-Marie. In all, $1,147,244 (or 12% of total tax dollars) will go towards community development.

Finally, the Municipality maintains its commitment to offering its services in English and in French to the community. All Council meetings are held in French and simultaneously translated in English, information is communicated in both official languages and municipal employees are happy to serve residents and visitors in English and in French.

Property owners in Clare should expect to receive their tax bills in the mail in the upcoming days. Municipal taxes are due June 30, 2019.

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