As part of Charlene Dela Cruz’s "Chez vous parmi nous" project, local artist and apple farmer Elie Boudreau welcomes four friends originally from the Philippines to his orchard. Left to right: Nicadhang Fronda, Elie Boudreau, Vera La Preciosa Zamora, Mary-Jean Martin and Bleza Valdez Olivar.

Communauté francophone accueillante de Clare and Veintitres Photography are looking for immigrants who have moved to Clare to take part in "Chez vous parmi nous," a fun and FREE photography project.

Professional photographer Charlene Dela Cruz is offering free photo sessions for newcomers at some of Clare’s most iconic landmarks. While they are on site, a local resident with knowledge of the location will offer some information about the Acadian region’s history and culture.

“These photo sessions will create a lasting relationship between newcomers and locals and will give new immigrants a keepsake of their new home that they can share with friends and family, near and far,” says Charlene, who moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2011. “Being an outsider doesn’t have to keep anyone from appreciating the beauty of a place. Let it become a window to countless wonderful interactions, harmonious new relationships, and boundless knowledge and stories for the next generation to come.”

For more information or to register for the "Chez vous parmi nous" photography project, please contact Marc-Alexandre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 902-210-3697. Clare residents with rich knowledge of the history and culture of Clare who wish to participate in this project as interpreters are also welcome to get in touch.

Additional infomation:

  • Eligible participants must be newcomers to Canada (i.e., NOT born in Canada or Canadian citizens).
  • Up to nine (9) people can take part in a photo session at one time.
  • Transportation can be arranged for newcomers who do not have access to a vehicle.
  • Digital copies of the photos will be made available to the client for download.
  • Examples of local landmarks include but are not limited to:
    • Mavillette Beach Provincial Park
    • Smugglers Cove Provincial Park
    • Meteghan Family Park
    • Bangor Sawmill
    • Le Petit Bois
    • Belliveau Cove Municipal Park
  • Photo sessions will comply with COVID-19 guidelines.

About Charlene Dela Cruz

Photo of Charlene Dela CruzI was born and raised in Angono, Rizal, Philippines, where I enjoyed studying photojournalism during my school years. In 2011, my family relocated to Alberta, Canada.

After my partner Marc d’Entremont and I found out that we were expecting our child in 2016, we decided that moving to his hometown of Clare, Nova Scotia, was the best thing we could do for our little family. It was also at this time that I launched Veintitres, my photography business in my new community.

Clare has challenged and motivated me not only to become a better version of myself but to develop my connection to the community and history of the place I call home. With the rich background, awe-inspiring places and joyful happenings in our region, I am never short of opportunities with my photography gig. And even with the differences I may have with those around me, our similarities and passions for countless things outweigh any opposing thoughts shared by or towards immigrants, foreigners or outsiders to the community of Clare.

With my small family rooted and standing strong within the community, I am proud to call Clare my home, a component of my family and the legacy I will leave when my time of parting comes.